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single (OCT ‘23)
the next cycle begins..

i‘ve been working on my debut album. and this single starts off the run leading up to its release. i am so excited to share it all.

COME MY WAY serves as an introduction to this world i’m sculpting. it’s a song where the protagonist takes down their walls and lets their love interest in. it’s not the easiest thing to do, i can personally attest... but this song acts as an ego death of sorts for the protagonist. 



single (APR ‘23)

more vic en route.

WAN ME DEAD is my first single of the year. the theme is very on the nose, it's an embodiment of "if looks could kill". i fr kept thinking of sean kingston's 'beautiful girls' when i was making this record lol.

i'm currently working on my next project and this single is (probably) going to be on it - i think of it as an introduction to my latest era!

shoutout ria, my muse <3 + the cover art is crazyyy (normal.)


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cover by ria said 


single (SEPT ‘22)
an eclectic two track single. 

i hadn't thought about any lyrics while creating the core of the beat for vic's odyssey, but i knew it felt like an epic. and so, i started thinking about how i got to where i am currently in my music career, where i want to be and the things i want to do along the way, and that's the essence of vic's odyssey.

luvsik! is the b-side of this record and it's a short, up-tempo song about sitting on your feelings - not letting a crush know what's up. there are extra complex feelings that develop because of not opening up i touch on those emotions.

i really got to experiment in creating sounds that up until now might not have been associated with me and that's one of the reasons i'm really connected to these songs. music is ultimately about having fun and i had a lot of fun creating the vic’s odyssey right from the first chord to shooting the final take for visual assets :)



ep (OCT ‘21)

my 3rd project.

lived to love is a bliss wander through the pleasures and perils of loving someone. i created this from those very feelings... and you can hear it from the opening track right to the closer. the title track encapsulates this fully. i sing about accepting unrequited love and realisng it doesing have to be the end of the journey - instead it could be another start - for me it was.


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cover by me & scumboy


tape (AUG ‘19)

my 2nd project.

a storybook nigerian summer romance really. that was the concept that drove this. the first song i made on this project was “don’t play this until summer’s over” and as soon as i finished this song i knew i didn’t just want it to be released on its own. i wanted to really explore the theme a lot more. i took inspiration from my experiences, experiences of childhood friends, etc. also i fucking love the cover art. i stayed with my cousins, summer ‘19 and i got up super early to catch the morning sun and get a pic of the garden, gave that to my cousin scumboy who editted it on picsart and it was perfection.


more releases...